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Dometic PerfectRoof awnings - Prepared for special cases

Awning specialist Dometic has made many customer wishes come true with the latest addition to its product range. Custom-built adapter kits now make it possible for the owners of campers based on the Fiat Ducato H3 High Roof, and also for the owners of a Laika Ecovip, to install a Dometic awning on the roof of their motorhomes.

From now on, a total of nine tailor-made awning packages will be available for the Laika Ecovip. The customised sun shade comes in lengths between three and 4.5 metres – with manual or electric operation. For the Fiat Ducato H3, there are seven different model versions, 3.5, 3.75 and four metres in length. Here again, customers can choose a manual or fully automatic version depending on their specific wishes and requirements. All new awnings are available in attractive cloth and housing colours, so they can be chosen to match individual vehicles. A vast selection of privacy and rain protection screens as well as some atmospheric lighting solutions complement the product offering and enhance the individual character of each Dometic awning.

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