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WAECO PerfectView VT 100 WiFi - The smart phone as a rear-view mirror

Everyone travelling with a caravan or other big trailer in tow will be missing the reassuring glance into the rear-view mirror in many situations, for example when changing lane on the motorway, or when manoeuvring. Safety specialist WAECO now offers practical and easy-to-install solution to the problem at a competitive price – one that works without an extra monitor and without laborious wiring. The app-based radio link WAECO PerfectView VT 100 WiFi converts smart phones or tablet computers into a perfect monitor. Connected to a camera fitted on the rear of the vehicle, it transmits pictures of what’s going on behind the vehicle to the digital device reliably and without fault.

WAECO PerfectView VT 100 WiFi is suitable for all Android and iOS operating systems and is compatible with all WAECO cameras. Its truly generous range covers a distance up to 60 metres, which means it is suitable for any imaginable application. On top of that, the system is waterproof according to protection class IP 65 and complies with the EMC standard. The detachable special antenna of the video signal transmitter can be aligned as required for the specific receiver device used. It is even possible to have the images transmitted to several receivers at the same time.

The app required for operating the system can be directly downloaded from www.dometic.de/vt100. Alternatively, it is available at Google Playstore and Apple’s App Store under search entry “VT 100”.

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