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  • 07  Energieversorgung / Elektroinstallation / Elektrogeräte
  • 07.03  Anschlussstecker und -kabel / Kabeltrommeln

Anschlussstecker und -kabel / Kabeltrommeln

  • 07  Energieversorgung / Elektroinstallation / Elektrogeräte
  • 07.11  Kontrollboards


  • 07  Energieversorgung / Elektroinstallation / Elektrogeräte
  • 07.12  Ladegeräte


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Produktkategorie: Kontrollboards

12V & 230V Systems

CBE supplies all the components making up the electrical system of a recreational vehicle.
CBE, as a system supplier, specializes both in providing its expertise to OEMs for the design and realization of tailor-made systems and in offering a wide range of standard kits for small series or special vehicles manufacturers.
It is possible to choose among systems based on LED, LCD or touchscreen panels whose functions are always customizable, keeping the features which have always characterized CBE products: quick installation, ease of use, maximum reliability combined with a refined design and a cutting-edge technology.

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Produktkategorie: Anschlussstecker und -kabel / Kabeltrommeln

Wiring Harnesses

Wiring harnesses of recreational vehicles involve several complexities and critical issues in terms of construction, quality and logistics.
The search for a solution able to optimize also this stage of the manufacturing process is a priority to every OEM.
CBE, as a system supplier, is a direct developer and manufacturer of wiring harnesses specifically designed to be used on recreational vehicles.
Our technical expertise combined with our production capacity (2 factories dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of wiring harnesses), allow OEMs to have a reliable partner, capable of reacting promptly to the specific needs of our industry.
Today the manufacture of wiring harnesses corresponds approximately to 1/3 of our turnover.

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Über uns


CBE, based in Trento/ITALY, is a leader in Europe in the field of electric and electronic equipment applied to caravanning.
A staff of about 80 people working in three different factories design, develop and manufacture complete systems adapted to suit the specific needs of every recreational vehicles manufacturer. Our unrivalled expertise and know-how, developed over 40 years of experience symbolically represented by our founder and present general director Bruno Conci, united with the trust granted us by an increasingly higher number of European and non-European manufacturers, enable us to supply control panels, distribution boxes, battery chargers and wiring harnesses specifically designed to be used on recreational vehicles. A wide assortment of aftermarket accessories (switches, sockets, frames, test panels, inverters, solar panels etc.) completes our product range.

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