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CARAVAN SALON 2018 Hallenplan (Halle 13): Stand D05


CARAVAN SALON 2018 Geländeplan: Halle 13

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  • 05  Ausbauteile und Komponenten für Caravans und Motorcaravans
  • 05.03  Möbel
  • 05.03.06  Möbelbauzubehör / Kleinteile

Möbelbauzubehör / Kleinteile

  • 05  Ausbauteile und Komponenten für Caravans und Motorcaravans
  • 05.03  Möbel
  • 05.03.08  Platten zum Möbelbau

Platten zum Möbelbau

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Produktkategorie: Platten zum Möbelbau


Thin Wooden Based Panel
Decorative and Multi-functional.

Composition of wood shavings and chips (Chipboard) or fragments of hard and soft wood fibre (MDF - HDF) making it an ideal surface to be covered with decorative paper, plastic foils and laminates.

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A story that began with a love for wood

It all began with an idea coupled with the experience in the world of multilayered plywood that became a reality. Thanks to Alfredo Pezzali’s insight and his love for his work, that idea was transformed into a sound business organization. That is how Nobilpan was founded in 1974. Alfredo Pezzali’s main idea was to make the most of the versatility of wood, to obtain panels of various thickness and dimensions, where you could glue covering foils of different materials making then suitable for various uses.
Today this idea, as in the past, offers some interesting advantages: excellent aesthetic qualities, effective versatility, competitive prices and of course eco-friendly. Being eco-friendly is of the utmost importance for anyone who considers wood not only as a material to create but to enhance.

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